About us

Cookbook store Fritula opened its doors in June 2012. The main idea was to create something new and creative in a region that severely lacks in specialized book stores. Due to the fact that we both enjoy cooking and eating as well, the idea of a specialized cookbook store seemed as a right way to go. It took us only a few short months from the idea to the realization of the project, and those were the most difficult months, as we had to learn very quickly how to develop such a project from scratch. To our fortune, it all turned out really great and Fritula was opened for business.

Whenever we can, we try to avoid the word job or work when we talk about our book store, because it is just far more than that, it is more like our way of living. It takes a lot of love and effort to run such a business, especially nowadays when small private stores are almost extinct.

We have both only recently graduated from the faculty of cultural studies and we wanted to combine our love for books and cooking together with the knowledge we gained during our studies, and the cookbook store seemed as the natural way to go.

Our store is situated in the Old part of town in Rovinj, in the Montalbano street which is the most creative street in Rovinj, and every year some new, interesting, artistic shops open to make our street even more special. Within that street, and the whole town, Fritula is the place to visit, drink a cup of coffee,hang around, look at many different recipes from all around the world, and just enjoy yourself.

Fritula is a place for all food lovers and book lovers, and we hope you will come and visit us soon.

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